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About Turritopsis – Invest & Adapt to Thrive

Turritopsis Investments Corporation focuses on industry research, investment, and geopolitical analysis in the global oil & gas industry. Turritopsis Investments incorporates leading geopolitical analysis and tracks movements in innovation and technology in the global oil & gas industry. Through in depth analysis, Turritopsis Investments is able to identify unique oil & gas investment opportunities while mitigating geopolitical risk.

About Omar Mawji

Omar Mawji is the CEO and Founder of Turritopsis Investments Corporation. Mr. Mawji was previously an energy investment analyst at one of the largest resource hedge funds in Western Canada: Katusa Research and the KCR Fund in Vancouver. He also served as the lead oil & gas analyst for institutional investors at the boutique research firm, Langenberg & Co., based in Chicago. Omar specializes in oil & gas and geopolitics with a focus in North Africa & the Middle East. Omar Mawji’s research and insight has been featured on many major investment news sites such as Yahoo Finance, The Street, Geopolitical Monitor, OilPrice.com, and the Oman Society of Petroleum Services. Omar’s background in energy, economics and politics allows him to assess geopolitical risks and where potential investment opportunities are hidden.

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